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Karaoke Music Picker


You have a karaoke bar and want to offer your customers the benefits of a digital song book?

Then the Karaoke Music Picker is your best choice.

The Karaoke Music Picker is a web application that allows you to choose songs for Karaoke and save them to a favorites list. The music can be sorted in ascending order by number, title, artist or genre, and can be filtered through a free text. The number of titles to be displayed per page can be set by the end user in 5 variants (10, 25, 50, 75, 100). The songs can also be selected at random. The software is optimized for viewing on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, but can also be used on a desktop computer. The Karaoke Music Picker is multilingual and comes with English and German.

Your customers can use the Karaoke Music Picker easily from their own smartphone or via desktops or tablets that you provide.


System Requirements

To run the Karaoke Music Picker web application, in the internet, web space is required.
To unlock and create the web files a Windows computer with .Net Framework 2 or higher is required.
You need a special formated CSV file, to import your songs.


Here you can try out the Karaoke Music Picker live:
Live Demo
Or download the demo version:
Demo Download



The demo version allows you to test the Karaoke Music Picker and to operate a small songbook with a maximum of 1,000 songs for free. If you want to use more than 1,000 songs, you can purchase a license and unlock the demo version to a full version.
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